What can ruin your jewel?

There are several elements and situations that can ruin your jewel. So here are some tips:

-Avoid your jewels coming into direct contact with perfume or other alcohol-based products, these substances can in fact wear down both gold and silver. So get into the habit of wearing them once you have finished your make-up and hairstyle so as not to expose them to any aggressive products

- Try to avoid getting your jewelry wet as much as possible. In fact, water causes rust over time and makes metals duller, so simple gestures, such as washing your hands, must be done with extreme attention, especially if you wear silver.

- Remember never to go swimming forgetting rings, necklaces or various bracelets on you, the chlorine present in swimming pools and hot tubs could damage both stones and metals, including gold

- Never store jewelry in the bathroom, especially if it's silver. In fact, humidity can damage both metals and stones. The simple water vapor that forms while you take a shower could cause damage, even if they are simply placed on the sink next to them. So remember to remove rings and bracelets before even entering the bathroom

- It is essential that your jewels are normally stored in a cool, dry and dark place, as humidity and sunlight can wear out both the most precious metals and the costume jewellery. So opt for a lined jewelry box that you usually keep tightly closed

- Always remember that some types of necklaces, such as those with pearls, must be laid out on a support surface, especially if they are strung on silk fibers, otherwise they risk stretching over time, leaving the unsightly space between a bead and the 'other. Also, keep in mind that pearls need to be rethreaded every two years if you want to maintain the initial proportions of the necklace as well as its original luminous appearance.


What do you need to clean the jewel?

To clean your jewel you need some tools that will help you bring it back to perfect condition:

  • Container
  • Hot water
  • Detergent
  • Toothbrush with soft bristles
  • Clean, soft cloth.
Fine jewelery must be cleaned regularly, taking care to avoid the use of abrasive products, which can damage both metals and more delicate gems. Then, you have to immerse the jewels for 10 minutes in a container with warm water and neutral soap, so as to dissolve the most encrusted dirt with the help of a soft bristle toothbrush. If, on the other hand, you want to remove grease from some jewels embellished with diamonds, you must immerse them in a container of common alcohol before soaking them in soapy water. Remember to store clean jewels only once they are completely dry, to avoid the risk of rust and mold. This process only applies to rhodium-colored jewels (i.e. white silver).
For gold-colored jewels, remember to clean them every time they are worn, in order to prevent skin grease or other external substances from accumulating on them. Then use a soft cotton cloth to gently rub your jewels.
Furthermore, you can also request one new plating to make it like new again.

How to store your jewelry

Grouping all your jewels in a disorderly way in a drawer makes their deterioration easier, first of all because some metals, such as silver, tend to oxidize when exposed to air, then because their continuous rubbing can cause scratches.

Therefore, keep your jewels in separate containers. Also keep in mind that pearls should be placed in fabric bags and never in plastic, as they need to breathe


How to take care of your solid gold jewel

Gold is a ductile, malleable and very delicate metal. Its properties make it vulnerable in situations that can scratch it, oxidize it or even stain it and turn it yellow. So for take care of your solid gold jewellery , start from what can harm it.

What ruins gold?

Often a spoil the gold it is its contact with creams, detergents, soaps and perfumes. All products that contain agents that could trigger chemical reactions on the gold until it loses brightness and color. That's why we advise you to keep him away from these products.
Also, for the cleaning your solid gold and gemstone jewelry , always rely on the method we have described above.


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