How to measure rings

To measure your ring you can use two different and both valid methods:take the measurements of the finger where you will wear the jewel or those of the ring you already own.

Measure a ring you already own

Take a ruler and place your ring on its straight line, at millimeters. The diameter of your jewel will correspond to the space between one side of the ring and the other. Count the millimeters and check, in the table above, which ring size they correspond to.

Measure your finger

In this case, use a tape measure and wrap it around your finger and the part closest to your palm. Mark where you close the tape and find out your size in centimeters.
If you don't have a tape measure, use a plain strip of paper and wrap it around your finger. Where the strip overlaps, make a pencil mark. Finally, unfold the strip of paper and find out the exact measurement with a ruler.
For further information on ring sizes , contact us and we will be happy to help you. Getting the correct size is the most important step after choosing your jewelry. Choose carefully.

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